Care Instructions

Silk is the ultimate luxury fiber. As with most luxury items, it sometimes takes a bit more care than other things.

Silk itself is quite a strong and durable material, used for parachutes, for example, where disintegration is not an option. (The silk itself can stand temperatures up to 180F and prefers acidic to basic conditions.)

However, the dyes used to make silk the vibrant colors we all love are not too firmly attached to the fiber. Sorry, that’s just the chemistry. Hydrogen bonds are just not as strong as covalent bonds.

To keep your silk like new as long as possible, dry cleaning is the safest option.

If you want to wash your silk, test first. Use cold water and a gentle detergent. Dark or intense colors are more likely to run than paler shades. Ideally, test your yarns before incorporating them into projects with other yarns or colors.