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370-4 Light Cantaloupe Bombyx Six Weaving Yarn

370-4 Light Cantaloupe Bombyx Six Weaving Yarn

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A mid-light shade of a somewhat muted pinkish orange. Calls to mind a slightly underripe cantaloupe, but we won’t call it that.

100% organically-grown silk yarn for weaving, hand-dyed in California.

100g per ball, approximately 432 yards. 

54/2*6 ply yarn structure, 2000 yards per pound, 20 wraps per inch, expected sett 12-15.

Color may vary depending on photographic lighting conditions, color representation on computer monitors and dyelot variations.

Please note that fluorescents may be less colorfast than average.

Color number 370-4, part of the Saffron Spice color family.

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