About Our Yarns

All of our yarns are made of organic 100% spun silk. This is natural silk made by Bombyx silk moths. Our supplier is certified organic.

Our yarns are hand-dyed in California.

The embroidery flosses are sold in pull skeins. If you are holding the skein so the label is right-side up, you should be able to pull from the left side.

Yarns sold for weaving or knitting are sold in 100g balls. Length depends on yarn type.

Colors can be searched on this site by color name or number. All of our nearly 200 colors are available in all yarn styles, even if we haven’t specifically listed every combination yet. If you would like something not specifically listed, just use the Contact Us form to request it.

Technical specifications (in decending size order):

Bombyx Symphony is a 140/2*20, 40 individual strands of gauge 140, plied in pairs, then twenty pairs plied together. While it would be possible to separate the twenty plies to use separately for embroidery, they would be quite small.

For weaving purposes, Bombyx Symphony is 20 wpi, approximately 1650 ypp, sett 10-14. 365 yards per 100g ball.

For knitting purposes, Bombyx Symphony is a 2: Fine Sport Weight.

Bombyx Six is a 54/2*6, which means there are six separable strands for embroidery purposes, each of which is two-ply. It is similar in size to the major brands of six-strand cotton floss. Each ply is gauge 54, which means 5400 meters/100 grams. Therefore, 450 meters per 100g before dyeing. Bombyx Six is a bit fluffier than Bombyx Symphony.

For weaving purposes, Bombyx Six is 20 wpi, approximately 2000 ypp. Sett looks to be 12-15, still testing. 432 yards per 100g ball.

For knitting purposes, Bombyx Six is a 1: Super Fine Sock weight yarn.

Bombyx Unity is an 18/3, which means there are three plies, each of which is gauge 18. This is intended to be non-separable for embroidery purposes.

For weaving purposes, Bombyx Unity is 22 wpi, approximately 2700 ypp. Sett is likely 12-18, still testing. 592 yards per 100g ball.

For knitting purposes, Bombyx Unity is a 0: Lace Light Fingering weight yarn.

Bombyx Finer is a 33/3, so a pretty small three-ply yarn, not separable. It is similar in size to an extra fine size 30 crochet thread.

For weaving purposes, Bombyx Finer is 48 wpi, approximately 5220 ypp. Sett 24-30. 1150 yards per 100g ball.

For knitting purposes, Bombyx Finer is a 0: Lace Thread weight yarn.

Bombyx Thread is just that. It is a 100/3 thread, the size of sewing machine thread. Sold on 100 yard spools rather than 8 yard skeins.

For weaving purposes, Bombyx Thread is 155 wpi, 15890 ypp. Sett 75-100. 3500 yards per 100g ball. Use to weave with or match your weaving yarns and use as thread to sew hems or seams on handwoven items.

For knitting purposes, Bombyx Thread is a 0: Lace Thread weight.

Bombyx Sliver is untwisted silk fiber for spinning or other uses. Sold in 100g quantities.


We use mostly Dharma Trading Company acid dyes. Some of our color names are the same as the Dharma names, used with permission. Some names are different.

A single dye can yield several different shades. Knowing which colors are part of the same dye family of shades can be quite useful, particularly if you are trying to design anything with a single color gradient. Short version- if the first three digits of the color number are the same, they are made from the same dye. The last digit shows the depth of shade.